‘I’ve learned to welcome hitting ground zero. It’s the -2 and +2 that I’m afraid of.’

By Susannah Laing

At 0 I surrender, I am vulnerable and open to receiving. I’m the most present with self and others.

At -2, I just need to numb out whatever that means and whatever it takes. It can be fatal.

At +2 my ego still tries to protect me, I may survive, most likely will, but the ego is murky and manipulative. It’s a numbing stage too but more superficially and socially acceptable I find.

We can’t predict when we hit ground zero, but you’ll know it. Grief and trauma can take us there. But we can skip right through 0 and go straight to -2. Oh We can survive there, I did … all while trying to drop to the unknown. We are a miracle to survive. Repeat if you have survived you are a miracle and your life has purpose!

Sometimes we may only go as far as +2 ( ‘only’ not used lightly) to discover years later something has resurfaced that we never dealt with. No one’s fault. And equally scary.

I’m not afraid of hitting ground zero, it reminds me to build some more tools, and I attach them to myself. I try to plant some seeds there too so when i climb back up, I can hold on while I fight ‘them’ off. And they will come, everyday right!! You need to discover your ‘them’ and they are dressed up differently… clever buggers! 

If they try and keep you in a so called comfort zone… step out, that’s THEM💫

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