Betrayal of the ‘Once’ friend

By Susannah Laing

I enjoyed exploring this poem. Especially the last verse. How often the betrayal we feel from someone else perhaps is a reflection of our own self betrayal.

We always have the option to leave toxic relationships ? Work, friendships, partners, family…..yet what is it that stops us?

Are we comfortable staying in that realm.

Maybe the consistent act of self betrayel has become so familiar to us that we find comfort staying there in the sadness?

Betrayal of the ‘Once’ friend

My lips stuck
The want to fight back
These legs cemented
Don’t want to believe.

Body begs to feel
Anything than hollow.
Afraid what truth that brings.

Yet still in essence,
Lest we forget,
How easily erased
One can become.

My world perceived..
As seen from the clouds.
Reality not quite approving,
Implied more often as disapproving.

No don’t be coy.
There is no fear.
A world of idolisation.
Merely a small breath am I.

How foolish they would say
Not to expect.
The self betrayel it takes
to walk unarmed with you.

When will…
What will cure
this hurt I hold?

If I stay?
I am sad.
Ever reminded of the friend
I never had.

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