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POETRY – New Release

Let Me Fall
Get up
Help me
I am

In surrender there is hope. The answers will come.

Betrayal of the ‘Once’ friend

My lips stuck
The want to fight back
These legs cemented
Don’t want to believe.

Body begs to feel
Anything than hollow.
Afraid what truth that brings.

Yet still in essence,
Lest we forget,
How easily erased
One can become.

My world perceived..
As seen from the clouds.
Reality not quite approving,
Implied more often as disapproving.

No don’t be coy.
There is no fear.
A world of idolisation.
Merely a small breath am I.

How foolish they would say
Not to expect.
The self betrayel it takes
to walk unarmed with you.

When will…
What will cure
this hurt I hold?

If I stay?
I am sad.
Ever reminded of the friend
I never had.

POETRY – Sample Works

I dreamt of you last night

I dreamt of you last night.
You took me by surprise,
You pulled me close and kissed me,
I like these butterflies.

I dreamt of you last night.
My soul felt warm and happy.
I kissed you back and thought,
don’t stop us in the alley.

I dreamt of you last night.
You took a moment after,
I’ve never been kissed like that, you said.
I looked and didn’t answer.

I dreamt of you last night.
You held my hand and said,
I’ve always dreamt to be kissed that way.
But I choose silence it’s just playing with my head.

I dreamt of you last night.
Do you dream of me?
My heart is warm and fuzzy.
Thank you, for whatever that may be.

I dreamt of you last night.
I confess it’s happened twice.
Reality mixes with my dreams,
once again I’m playing with the dice.

I dreamt of you last night.
Yes, That’s all I will say.
And maybe we can meet each other,
In our dreams again some day?

The Weed
I hate you yesterday.
I hate you today.
Unaware of the chaos
You have left in me, bae.

Watered a bud in me
that wasn’t meant to grow.
Every month it got taller
Doesn’t hear me say no.

I don’t understand you,
I just watch and sit,
This thing seems to get stronger
and I let you keep watering it.

I finally joined in.
I thought “lets help it grow”,
Become something special.
you know, find its flow.

But this is not a flower,
You knew it wouldn’t bloom.
and now a weed stands here
with me, in this empty room.

Cause you no longer water it.
Lucky me, I just get to stare.
Watch it drain my life away,
once again stripped bare.

Why did you do that?
Don’t answer. It’s okay.
I’ll pretend everything’s fine,
Just go about your day.

But know, I do hate you
Cause I can’t let you go.
And here I am stuck watching the weed,
you planted, grow and grow and grow…..

Step Aside
I woke up it started again,
that empty hole in my tummy.
I felt the eyes begin to swell
these tears just get so runny.

I can’t explain this loneliness
this fear is all around.
I want to just feel good today
and stop this foolish clown.

I’m standing in my way of life.
I’m letting fear take over.
Remember when you were a child,
everything was a four leaf clover.

My feet feel stuck.
My legs are heavy.
Someone please come hold
me like a teddy.

I’m feeling low
and sad today,
but you won’t win.
I’ll get strong, i pray.

for in me,
there is more to this
and you aint seen
the killer kiss,

I’ll fight and punch.
I won’t go down.
I’ll keep on moving.
I got this next round.

You see, i know you.
We’ve met before,
but remember i won,
iIts time to soar.

So i face you head on
and take no shit,
cause this girl here
will never quit.

Moonlight and sunrises
are gifts for me.
No longer dark days,
I get up from my knees.

The day awaits.
I’ve things to get done.
So step aside,
I’m off to the sun.

I am a highly skilled pianist and composer. If you would like to hear samples of my music for work related projects, or for collaborations please get in touch.

I love working with others and if I can’t fit your project, I am happy to point you in the direction of other great artists.