Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

By Susannah Laing

Do you ever find yourself in the same situation over and over again?

What do I mean?

Lets take a very common one, diets… weight loss!  How many years have we been fighting the same issues to only come back heavier and then try another diet?

How many times do we redo the diet that supposedly worked years ago……. STOP! BREATH! THINK! If it worked years ago, why are we actually revisiting the diet?!  The insanity.

So when you take that moment and realise that, we can open ourselves up to the possibility that  the lesson to be learned here is not in the diet? Maybe food is a band aid to an emotional attachment or other issue.  The food itself has  become a source of distraction what is really going on. Maybe when we heal what’s really going on the weight will take care of itself?

This is the same for all situations.

Have you an inability to say no to people? why? really ask yourself what would happen if i said no. what is my real fear of being disliked?

Can you think back and wonder why this is happening again, sometimes slightly differently, but I’m still feeling the same?

So many times I think, geez, why didn’t I learn the first time. Truth is maybe it wasn’t a strong  enough situation for me to take action, or maybe I thought I knew better, or maybe I didn’t understand it.

so next time you find yourself stuck in a diet band wagon, a people pleasing mode, an unhappy relationship, start to notice patterns and maybe think there is a different way? Be ready!

When the pupil is ready the teacher appears.

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