We often say we want life to change when maybe we don’t really.

By Susannah Laing

Chrysalis 🎥

We often say we want life to change when perhaps we don’t really.

For this to happen we must change ourselves and this mostly sits as a fantasy, a thought in our heads. But the reality is – In order for life to change – we need to. The transformation we desire means we need to allow the old self to die by surrender. Unfortunately the human psyche clings onto familiarity no matter how unhealthy and unhappy we are. The unknown darkness is scary but it’s almost more bearable then we might think and if you can walk through it, a new you will emerge into the sunlight with wings .

Chrysalis my short film I’ve written is now fully funded and in pre production. We are slowly building the team 🙂 I’m really excited to have Asib Akram producing and I’m very happy that Kate Donnelly has come aboard to direct. What a great starting line up all ready 🤍 🦋 🎞

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