It’s all got to have been for something.

By Susannah Laing

I just finished working on a film with Kate Kinninmont. A most incredible human being who made me feel safe and comfortable talking about things that have been a large part of my life. I feel a sense of duty to help others in anyway I can through my own recovery and continual discovery to the things that affected me to attempt terminal action on my life and live in a hidden secret of addiction.

I realise more and more through my acting, writing, music etc that we are 
 ALL incredibly complex human beings. And there is beauty in that, but also a loneliness, which can become scary when we don’t know how to deal with it. Do we ever fully? 
Every word we choose to say has an impact to ourselves and others. I think that’s why I love acting so much, it’s the exploration of that. Every character has a purpose – the smallest part can be the most impactful.

 I know this because when I was searching for something, some HOPE, I went to a random meeting of recovery and sat listening to a lady talk of her life. She spoke part of my story – I finally heard someone relatable, for the first time in years. 
I never saw her again. She took up 20mins of my lifetime and here I am telling you about her today. 
It’s actually incredible and from an actors/writers point of view – there really is no small part.

And in all our lives as humans – We all can think of incredible moments that have changed us. 

Being a part of this film, I hope can do that too.  We never know who’s life we are impacting negatively or positively. Words and actions, how small or big, can have an lifelong impact. 

The beauty is we can choose to be that positive light in any way we can if even for a moment. You never know who’s listening and needs to hear them in you ❤️

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