The struggle ends when gratitude begins. 🙏

By Susannah Laing

Maybe if we stopped expecting easy, we would work smarter, complain less while allowing ourselves to navigate the hard stuff with perseverance and kindness. 

No one owes you anything except yourself. The time wasted and energy holding grudges and resentments means you will miss all the love that others pour into you. The reality is that You are probably the only person that remembers them.

You knock one door and it doesn’t open. Try another. What you’ve tried a hundred doors…. ? Okay What if door 101 was yours but you left. And then someone knocked that door and got it.  Are they just lucky? Or Maybe that’s their door number 300 – who knows!

Don’t leave. Be action. It’s worth knocking everyday. Don’t give up – You’re worth knocking for. 💜

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