How important is your size?

By Susannah Laing

Being a size that forces you to be harmful to yourself to maintain is not worth it. No matter what.

I comprised my health and happiness for years  to fit into other people’s ideals. I put all my time and energy into maintaining an unattainable size for me. what did that give me, more success? A better chance at my career? maybe, but it never give me TRUE HAPPINESS. I constantly knew what I was doing to my body to keep it there. I was trapped in a body created for others.

For me to maintain the size on left, I lost my period, my hair was weak and thin. I was always emotional, irrational thinking, severe stomach distress, chronic constipation, on lots of medication and was bulimic.

For me maintain the size on the right, I workout, eat delicious food in abundance, see my friends regularly, practise self care, take supplements, rarely sick, off all medication, have a great support system of friends and family. I laugh and smile often and I’m free of an eating disorder.

For too long I let my industry keep me in the depths of an eating disorder. I now refuse to let my career force me to be unhealthy, and if that cost comes at less work….shame on it. I take on the challenge to change it. Without health you have nothing!

Your size is a number that’s all, it doesn’t make up any part of you. Surround yourself with people that love you for being you. Stay away from those that define you by a size. You are so much more than that.

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